Our manufacturer Kostüm Giyim Sanayi was established in 1967, in Izmir, with the aim of becoming one of the best companies in the apparel sector with a quality focused and innovative attitude towards manufacturing. Using advanced technology aiming the customer satisfaction, they have been manufacturing men's suit for the important brands of the world and to the selected brands in the domestic market.

Also a collection is being designed in which season trends are reflected composed of coats, suits and jackets for its brand Sir and contract customers besides contract manufacturing. A new modern production facility was built for the purpose of competing with the technological advancements in its maximum level and production has been going on in this facility since the beginning of 2013. The facility consists of production and recreational facilities, having a 9000 square metre enclosed area. We have a production capacity of 300.000 pieces per year with 420 employees.


PRODUCTION CAPACITY : Sport Trousers : 25.000 Pieces (Monthly)
  Trousers : 25.000 Pieces (Monthly)
  Jacket : 25.000 Pieces (Monthly)
  Reefer Jacket, Coat and Trench Coat:    5.000 Pieces (Monthly)

Vision and Mission

Sir Hazır Giyim has stepped onto the stage aiming to become the preffered wholesaler for the menswear brands. For us, establishing forming long-term cooperations based on mutual trust is one of our first goals.

Sir Hazır Giyim has become a company which sells to leading brands of Europe and Turkey with the high quality we provided.  

Sir Hazır Giyim has been adapting its vision continuously to be able to produce an up-to-date quality.  

Sir Hazır Giyim has determined the followings as indispensable corporate purposes:

Being one of the top menswear wholesaler, selling top-level quality.

  • Carrying out activities improving the quality and variety,
  • Working with the world’s leading brands,
  • Working with customers who believe in the quality and won't forgo it 
  • Employing people who have a strong career and good skills

Sir Hazır Giyim aims to be the essential business partner for its customers when it comes to speed, price and delivery without sacrificing the quality. Its main purpose is to comply with business ethics and principled working norms while realizing this purpose.

Our Production Principles:

Our Management Principles:

- Quality

- Discipline

- Speed

- Planned and Systematic Working

- Flexibility

- Mutual Trust

- Development and Innovation

- Setting purposes and implementing them